Comment Guidelines

Guidelines for Posting Content Online

We invite staff, faculty and students to share ideas and knowledge and connect with each other through the Duke Today online community. These guidelines are meant to help you use online forums effectively, while protecting personal and professional reputation and complying with Duke policies.

Think before you post. There's no such thing as a "private" comment or post online. Search engines can turn up your posts years later. Don’t post something today that may haunt you later.

Be respectful. If readers see your affiliation with Duke, they may read your words as representing the university, even if you provide a disclaimer saying your views are your own. As a general rule, be respectful and don’t post anything you would be uncomfortable saying in a public setting – or in front of your boss.

Maintain confidentiality. Do not post confidential, proprietary or protected health information about students, employees, patients or other members of the Duke community. Use good ethical judgment, follow federal guidelines and Duke policies.

Protect your identity. Don’t provide personal information about yourself or others that scam artists and identity thieves might steal.

Comply with Duke Policies. All posting of comments, photos, video or other online content should adhere to Duke’s policies, including the following:

Visit the Duke Policies website or the Duke Human Resources Policy Manual for comprehensive details about policies at Duke.